Home Staging FAQ

Home staging is a fairly new concept that helps homeowners sell their homes quickly. Because each home is unique, a home stager is someone who can quickly look at a room and decide what needs to be done to make it appeal to the target buyer.

A target buyer is the person who would buy your home whether it is a family home,an empty nester or single person. There is a buyer for every type of home. You just have to present in a way that appeals to that person’s way of living.

Homeowners typically ask the same type of questions when it comes to home staging. Here are a few that will hopefully answer any questions you may have when it comes to home staging.

1. What is home staging?

Home staging is preparing a house for sale in the real estate market where a home is decorated to appeal to the target buyer.

2. Do I have to get rid of my furniture?

Not necessarily. Many times, homeowners have everything they need in a home to decorate it to sell. However, a home stager may recommend removing some items to make the home feel open and visually appealing. Too much furniture in a room will make the room feel smaller. You want to show the buyer the potential in each room and home staging does that for you.

3. Does it cost a lot to stage a home?

When you say, “cost a lot” you have to put that in perspective. Say you list a home for $450,000 and you have very few buyers coming through and no offers. You may consider dropping the price by $10,000 or more. Home staging costs significantly less than that price reduction.

4. How much time does it take to stage a home?

It depends on what needs to be done for the home. When a home stager comes in, they will make recommendations for each room. Some rooms may require paint, furniture and cleaning while others may just need to be rearranged. It also depends on how much effort the homeowner wants to put into themselves or hire out for some of the tasks.

5. Can I do some of the staging myself?

Sure. At the end of a consultation with Kasia, she will tell you exactly what needs to be done in each room. Each room will be drawn out to show the best layout along with any additions such as accessories and colors.

6. I don’t have time to do it all, can you take care of the home staging?

Of course. Blue Diamond Staging provides the “Make it Happen” Service where we take care of the shopping, staging, furniture selection and more.