Living Room

The sectional in this living room was too big for the space so it was removed from the home and stored off site. A couch from another room was brought up and the chair and ottoman were reused to create a conversation area. Two side tables, lamps, and some curtains were brought in while throw pillows add a pop of color to the space.

Master Bedroom

This master bedroom did not feel like a master bedroom. Rather than repainting the room, I used the sage green color to my advantage and found artwork and bedding that coordinated with the room color. I added 2 side lamps and the room now feels like a master retreat.

Eat In Kitchen

This area off the kitchen was used as a workout room but when it came down to selling the home, I convinced the homeowners to transform it back into an eat in kitchen area. The exercise equipment was stored off site and the TV was removed. A small table and chairs, art and flowers were brought in to show how to use the space for potential buyers.

Living Room

This contemporary home was empty and being updated to sell. Rental furniture and wall art was brought in to showcase the beautiful sun filled room. This home sold 3 days after it was listed and above asking price.

Master Bedroom

The homeowner was updating the master bedroom and had no furniture. Rental furniture was brought in and bedding was bought for the homeowner to make it feel like a master bedroom.


The library felt small with the current layout because the sofa  hindered traffic flow. Blue Diamond Staging transformed the room by moving the bookcases next to each other. The sofa was removed and 2 armchairs were brought in from another room for comfortable reading areas. A reading lamp was placed between the chairs and art creates a focal point behind the chairs.


The second bedroom in this home only had a queen sized bed which took up a lot of space. I recommended turning the room into a child’s room since families live in the area. The homeowner borrowed a crib and changing table and found some art to make this room into a nursery. The queen bed was put back into the master bedroom that only had a dresser.


The wall color in this kitchen was too dark and red for the space. I recommended changing the wall color to a more neutral color. This new color helped open up the space and makes it feel bigger and brighter.

Kid’s Bedroom

This bedroom layout was not working like a bedroom should. To stage the room, the bed was centered in the room between the windows and the dresser was positioned at the foot of the bed. The bookcase did double duty as a nightstand and bookcase for bedtime stories.

Family Room

This vacant room doesn’t show how big it really is and how you can use the space. A living room set was rented and accessories such as artwork, lamps, rug and board games were added to make the room feel like a family room.


This hall bathroom was under construction when I arrived. It was brightened up with white wall paint and I added a shower curtain, artwork and towels to complete the look. Now this is a proper bathroom!

Eat in Kitchen

This eat in kitchen was vacant and needed to show buyers the huge space. A dinette set was rented and accessories for the table and artwork was all that was needed to complete this space.

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